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Reimagine Mobility

At Innomotive, we believe the more we understand the traffic, the better decisions we can make.

We believe delivering value, not only to the transportation professionals, but also to citizens.

Our products that are in great demand provide relevant information about traffic state, enabling better decision making and allowing better journeys.

Insights gleaned from our products’ analyses enable traffic management to be improved in real time, reducing delays, saving investments and providing an opportunity for a more sustainable future.

Our products can work with any types of cameras including network cameras and fisheye cameras.

Detect & Track

We detect every moving object inside our cameras’ field of interest. We track these objects, and collect valuable information meanwhile.

Count & Classify

As a result, we provide industry standard information such as counting and classification.


We also provide more detailed and measurable information inside field of interest such ase average speeds.


Moreover, we provide novel insights such as incident, congestion, wrong way movement detection and many more.

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